What are our water resolutions for 2016? Part I

January 22, 2016 – by Soofia Mahmood

The New Year brings a fresh start. We resolve to do better, and even be better. Most of our resolutions, however, revolve around improving our personal lives — emotionally, financially, physically or even spiritually. How about this year, we make at least one resolution to do something that has a positive impact on the world?

Being water advocates and activists, Ecoloodi team members decided to dedicate one resolution for 2016 to water. Here is our first lot of water resolutions:

Responsible Dishwashing: Mariana Versiani, Fundraising Volunteer

Water Resolutions_Part 1-Res 1

Back home in Brazil, Mariana used to wash dishes in the most common way — she would let the water run freely while scrubbing and rinsing each dish individually. In the process, she would end up wasting a lot of water and contaminating it with a larger quantity of chemicals. With Ecoloodi’s water responsibility spectacles on, she noticed that her boyfriend’s way of washing dishes was much more environmentally friendly.

“My boyfriend fills his sink with water, adds just a little bit of detergent in the water, immerses all the dirty dishes together and then scrubs them with a cloth. After that, he only needs to quickly rinse them to take the soap off. This way of washing dishes not only saves water but also keeps it less contaminated with detergent.”

So, in 2016, Mariana will change her dishwashing ways and be more responsible. She also plans to explore and adopt some of the easiest ways to conserve water at home. To read some simple ideas to save water at home, click here.

No More Plastic Bottles: Monique Pétry, Board Member

Water Resolutuins-Part 1-Res 2

Monique has resolved to never use plastic bottles for water and always carry her reusable water bottle. She is appalled by the way plastic and its irresponsible use is destroying water bodies and affecting marine life, altering our entire ecosystem for the worse.

Monique urges everyone to change one simple habit in their lives and shift from using disposable plastic bottles to carrying a refillable water bottle. It is a good way to save money and stand for what is right.

Read our previous blog post about how plastic disrupts marine life around the world.

Water Meditations: Clare Esler, Fundraising Volunteer

Water Resolutions Part 1-Res 3

Clare has decided to develop a spiritual relationship with water as a sacred resource; incorporating it in her meditation and bringing that awareness into her everyday life. Bonding with and giving nature its due respect is an important aspect of spiritualty and meditation. Water has long been part of ancient tradition and wisdom, which may hold the key to a deeper understanding of this beautiful resource. We wish Clare much success in her unique journey of water exploration.

“I will be performing research on the importance of water as a sacred source of life and will practice honing my awareness on its sacredness, when I wash the dishes or even when I take a shower. I also will practice sitting meditation with water and focus on what it represents.”

To know more about the significance of water in spiritual practices, click here.

Don’t forget to read Part II of our team’s water resolutions next week. Please share your Water Resolutions for 2016 with us so we can inspire others with your thoughts. Tweet us your resolutions @Ecoloodi using hashtags #Loodi #WaterResolutions

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