H2O, Loodi’s new friend

December 8, 2015 – from Soofia Mahmood

One drop of water can make a lot of difference in our lives. That is exactly what LOODI has been doing for the last few years. She regularly travels in Canada, and to France and Benin to meet thousands of children and educate them about water. As a representative of Ecoloodi, she engages children through her card game MEMO-LOODI and lots of other interactive activities. She encourages them to love water – as you certainly take good care of the precious things you love.

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Over the course of her many travels, this amazing drop of water has befriended many of you; children, parents, teachers and supporters. During one of her recent trips, she made another friend. This time it was a drop of water called H2O. When Loodi first saw H2O fall from the skies, she immediately knew that this little one was meant to do great things in this world. This was because Loodi noticed how H2O loved children. Children made H2O happy and Loodi inferred that H2O would want to do the same for them. H2O was bi-lingual as well and could speak to children in both English and French. It was a match made in the clouds!

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With this knowledge, Loodi was quick to approach H2O to partner with her on a new project that would teach little children about the water cycle. H2O was a bit nervous initially but still happily agreed, as she also wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, just like Loodi.

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And through this friendship, a little superstar was born as H2O starred in Ecoloodi’s animated video and book. Loodi documented the journey of H2O from the clouds to the earth and back and captured the story of her adventures, so children could know where water comes from and where it actually goes. H2O takes great pride in knowing that she was able to further Loodi’s work and officially became part of the Ecoloodi family.


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Watch H2O in action in this video and order your book for a minimum donation of $20 by emailing us at contact@ecoloodi.org. Each time a child would pick up her book, or watch her video, H2O would be smiling somewhere and probably jumping up and down with great excitement.

Loodi continues to travel far and wide to bring water education resources, including H2O’s books, to schools, libraries, book fairs and events. She is proud to have met H2O and is excited that so many other children would get to meet her and learn more about water through her exciting journey.

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