What have we learned from local NGOs in Benin?

By Ludiwine Clouzot

January 23, 2015 – Meetings with environmental NGOs

During the busy schedule Mélaine prepared for our trip to Benin, we wanted to take the time to meet some local NGOs to better understand the working conditions on the ground and see how we might be able to work together. We can’t recount all the meetings we had but will focus on the ones that most caught our attention.

CEBEDES : The Benin Centre for Environment and for Economic and Social Development.

We met the director of the NGO CEBEDES and her team, who presented the many projects they are working on. The discussions were very rich and we identified a number of projects where we could collaborate. To name a few, we plan to provide visual aids to support their efforts to educate and raise awareness in the water and sanitation sector across the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Alliance, of which Benin is a part. These materials will also be very useful in their nutritional component.


We also discussed a project they hold dear, the development of a swamp forest in an ecotourism area. They have already started working on this project but lack educational materials and require help capacity building.


For more information on CEBEDES, click here.

CREDEL : Centre for Research and Expertise for Local Development

The director of CREDEL and his team also inspired us and we had some interesting interactions regarding the problems of flooding in Cotonou as well as wastewater treatment in Benin. Their efforts focus primarily on raising awareness among the public and community stakeholders. Education is another important sector for this NGO. They have set up a university program for a bachelor’s degree in wastewater treatment. They have also built a primary and secondary school in a very remote area where children used to walk for hours to get to school. We did another presentation of the Legend of the Giant Frog for children in grades 6 and 7.


We had a very good impression of this school. They asked us if it would be possible to develop English and French written correspondence with Canadian schools. We think it’s an excellent idea and will launch an appeal to schools when we get back.


For more information about CREDEL, click here.

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