The Legend of the Giant Frog

Ecoloodi debuted a French interactive show for children in Toronto libraries in July, 2014. “The Legend of the Giant Frog” is a legend of the First Nations Mi’kmaq people of Eastern Canada. The children experienced the adventures of Nirvelli (“Water Child” in Mi’kmaq) through dance, songs, and interactions.

Toronto 2014 library tour

About forty children attended the show presented in the public library branches of Don Mills and Sanderson, and about twenty children with their parents in the branch of Richview. The show’s dynamics were heavily dependent on the children’s interactions, especially the proportion of francophones to anglophones.

At the end of the show, when Nirvelli asked the children what message they learned from this legend, she was pleasantly surprised to hear them answer, “We should share water,” “We shouldn’t waste water,” “We should take care of our water,” “We should be friends and share.” The show’s objective is to get children to respect water and as they said, to “take care of our water”.

More to come…

After the success of this first tour, “The Legend of the Giant Frog” will continue to be presented in Toronto public libraries. We can also present this show in schools or other educational settings, so don‘t hesitate to contact us to book your show. If you’d like to hear another legend, from Africa perhaps, we‘d be happy to adapt one.

Nirvelli and the giant frog wish you a wonderful day!

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