How to organize a Walk4Water?

Developing nations walk on average 6 km to water every day…
… Canadians just turn on the tap!

When: World Water Day – March 22nd (4-6pm)
What: A 6 km walk down Yonge Street, carrying water.
Why: To create awareness about the lack of access to clean water in developing nations.
Who: Anyone who cares about water and people.


Event Theme

Brought to you by Ecoloodi, with support from Ryerson Urban Water and sponsored by CH2M Hill, our inaugural Walk4Water took place on March 22, 2016 for World Water Day! This walk is symbolic —participants walk for 6 kilometers down Yonge Street to represent the journey a person in a developing country takes each day to collect water.

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People in developing nations (i.e. in Africa and Asia) sometimes have to take this journey multiple times each day due to the inaccessibility of fresh water. People lacking access to fresh water consume far less (i.e. 20 L­ in Benin) than their counterparts in developed countries (i.e. 350 L in Canada), partly because they have to carry it over long distances and water is heavy.

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The Toronto Walk4Water aims to raise awareness about water, its scarcity and promotes its responsible use. It will also show participants firsthand how hard it would be if we in Canada needed to “walk this walk” every day to collect fresh water.



The walk takes place every year on March 22 (World Water Day!), from 4 to 6 pm, down Yonge Street from St. Clair Street to Waterfront. The walk culminates with hot drinks at La prep, located at Corus Quay (25 Dockside Drive).

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Walkers: Anyone who cares about water, the future of the world, and loves to walk is encouraged to join us. Participants take turns carrying water and also share one hand-held sign with a short message in support of water and its responsible use. Those who are unable or don’t want to carry the weight but are supportive of the cause can also join the event to show solidarity with the people of the world.

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Organizations that want to associate their brands with this cause and support water conservation are welcome to contact us.

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