Family Evening at École Pierre Elliott Trudeau

March 4, 2016 – from Mariana Versiani, Ecoloodi volunteer

Ecoloodi held a successful workshop for the Family Geography Evening at École Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on February 16, 2016. The event brought out more than 120 participants, including children, from kindergarten to grade 6, and their families.

Engaging Workshop



The workshop engaged and involved the public in water education through fun and exciting activities. They learned about the water cycle, following Loodi, Ecoloodi’s water drop mascot, in her travels through Canada, France and Benin.

Ecoloodi’s Water Woman, Ludiwine Clouzot, started the workshop by engaging kids in a conversation about water. Right at the beginning, lots of little hands were lifted to answer her, anxious to participate. When she started explaining about the water cycle and how it can help plants to grow, the children soon started copying her growing flower gestures, and with them, their parents too!



Exciting Thematic Game Stations

After the show, the children ran around the school gymnasium, interacting with our thematic game stations, and making beautiful water cycle drawings on the big paper sheets around the walls.

At the thematic game stations, children were able to play MEMO-LOODI, a memory card game made in three versions, each with beautiful water-related images of Canada, France and Benin. The game works not only as a memory card game but also for other creative playing purposes and is perfect for stirring up interaction, imagination and lots of fun- while imparting knowledge about water and environment.


Children were also able to play the “How much water do we consume?” game, which empowered them with a visual awareness of water consumption habits. For this game, they were put in front of three photos, from Canada, France, and Benin respectively. They were asked to fill a glass for each photo with marbles to represent the daily water consumption of one person per day in that country.

On another of Ecoloodi’s stations, families had access to H2O – The Story of a Little Drop, an illustrated and interactive children’s book about the water cycle.

A Successful Evening

We were ecstatic to see so much fun at the event, and very grateful for having another opportunity to engage and empower children with water education. Seeing École Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s students become more aware about water, and involving all the people around them, including their families, made us very happy. There is something very contagious about children’s excitement in learning new things. The Family Geography Evening warmed our hearts, and fuelled us to do more.

Our big thanks to School Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Principal, Jocelyne Auger, to the school’s parent committee, and to Geneviève Oger, who organized the event. We are pleased to have provided your children with good memories to relate with water.

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