Interactive Shows

One of the unique services Ecoloodi offers to children are shows designed around the theme of water. The shows are an interactive form of storytelling in which the children gain knowledge about a water theme and culture while being engaged and entertained.


Ecoloodi’s Water Mom Ludiwine and her team develop these shows according to the event and its objectives. With a variety of tools including audio-visual stimuli, live theatre, dance, songs, games, engaging activities and fun props, the team puts together a performance of about 1h on the water theme relevant to the occasion or event. It is edutainment at its best and the children go home with an activated mind and a consciousness about culture, environment and above all, water. The shows are bi-lingual and can be presented in English and/or French to suit the audience’s needs.

Ayaba and the Magic Water Source

« Ayaba and the Magic Water Source » is the latest interactive show developed by Ecoloodi, where children are taken to Benin, in West Africa. Sing, dance, and listen to the story of Ayaba, a seven-year-old girl who discovers a source of water with magical powers.

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Champlain Across the Water

« Champlain Across the Water » is the second interactive show developed by Ecoloodi, where children share with Samuel de Champlain big aventures through time. Board the ship in France in 1603 and let it take you all the way to Toronto in 2015, after experiencing a sweat lodge with the Hurons in 1615. Many discoveries await you!

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The Legend of the Giant Frog

Ecoloodi debuted its interactive shows for children with the Toronto Public Libraries in 2014. “The Legend of the Giant Frog” is a story from the Mi’kmaq people of Eastern Canada. The children experienced the adventures of Nirvelli (“Water Child” in Mi’kmaq) through dance, songs, and interactions.

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How can we customize an interactive show for you?

Ecoloodi’s shows are as fluid as water! We develop water-based and culturally sensitive concepts according to the occasion. To design a special interactive show for children, all we need is the details of the event, the audience profile, the objectives to be achieved and a water based theme that is compatible with the event.


Where can the shows take place?

Our shows are super-hit with children in a variety of settings, including but not limited to:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Birthday Parties

How to book a show?

To design a customized show, or to bring one of our existing shows to you, book a spot now and contact us to discuss the amazing possibilities. We are excited to hear from you about your ideas and can’t wait to present our customized show concepts to you!

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