MEMO-LOODI is a card game for children and adults, packed with fun, interaction, imagination and above all, lots of learning.

Are you ready to learn for fun?

One MEMO-LOODI card game comprises of 12 pairs of cards. The upside has the picture of our beloved drop of water Loodi in one of the three different costumes representing Canada, Benin or France – the 3 countries Ecoloodi operates in. For each MEMO-LOODI specific to a country, there is a corresponding image on the flip side of the card that shows you a glimpse of that country including landscapes, people, animals and water resources.

Not only your child learns about the different countries but also gains knowledge about the specific eco-systems in the 3 different continents.



How do you play MEMO-LOODI?

This game comes with endless possibilities of play. MEMO-LOODI is many games in one and there could be many variations for fun. This way, children never get bored of playing and always learn something new.


You can choose to follow this modified rule of a memory game:

  1. To begin, shuffle the cards well and lay them out with the water droplet facing up.
  2. The youngest player starts by turning over two cards of their choice. If the cards are a matching pair, the player picks them up and takes another turn.
  3. If the two face-up cards don’t match, the player is asked to tell a story on how the two cards could be related to each other. The stories can be about water cycle, food chain, habitat, or daily life and is inspired by the two images. And then, the player flips the cards back over and the turn passes to the next player.
  4. The game ends when all the pairs of cards have been matched. The winner is the player with the most matching pairs.

With this variation, the children have their imaginations run free and activate their minds to be creative:

  1. Make a pile of cards (with just one card of each matching pair).
  2. The first player turns over the top card and start a story with it.
  3. The next player turns over the next card and continue the story.
  4. The game ends when there is any more cards.

There are many other variations of MEMO-LOODI. You might even find them while you’re playing. Don’t forget to tell us about a new variation you have invented. Send us your ideas and we might feature your idea on our blog.


How can you get MEMO-LOODI?

The cards come in a cute little box for easy storage. MEMO-LOODI (Canada, Benin or France) can be ordered with a donation of $20 by contacting us. And by adding only $10, you can get a MEMO-LOODI + our famous H20 Book for a total donation of $30. All proceeds go towards our educational programs and tools.


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