H2O Book

H2O – The Story of a Little Drop

An addition in Ecoloodi’s original water education resources is H2O – The Story of a Little Drop. This is an illustrated and interactive book for children, which teaches them about he water cycle in a fun and engaging way.

ClaireH2O, a personified drop of water, will take children along her incredible journey from the skies to the earth and back. Through this journey children will not only learn about the water cycle but will also be introduced to issues like water pollution. The book is interactive and will encourage your little water scientists to fill up the blank pages at the end of the book with their imaginative ideas. The journey of water for your little ones begins with this little drop.


How did H2O become into being?

H2O was a gift to Ecoloodi. As a non-profit organization, Ecoloodi is surviving and thriving on the basis of the support from the communities. H2O was one of such acts of love from our supporters including a writer, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a musician and a video editor.


Ecoloodi gives back the love received by making sure that more and more children learn about water through H2O.

We also have a video!

Don’t forget to watch H2O in action in this animated video. This is the perfect tool to be paired with the book to engage children while learning.

YouTube Preview Image


How can you get H2O books?

Bring H2O into your children’s lives through our book. You can order your book (available in French and in English) with a donation of $20 by contacting us. And by adding only $10, you can get a book + our famous MEMO-LOODI for a total donation of $30. All proceeds go towards our educational programs and tools.

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