Ecoloodi is devoted to working with children to preserve water resources and aquatic ecosystems. Our approach combines science with play, for a better children engagement, through a small drop of water called LOODI.

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H2O Book

An addition in Ecoloodi’s original water education resources is H2O – The Story of a Little Drop. This is an illustrated and interactive book for children, which teaches them about he water cycle in a fun and engaging way.

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MEMO-LOODI is a card game for children and adults, packed with fun, interaction, imagination and above all, lots of learning. This game comes with endless possibilities of play. This way, children never get bored of playing and always learn something new.

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Interactive Shows

One of the unique services Ecoloodi offers to children are shows designed around the theme of water. The shows are an interactive form of storytelling in which the children gain knowledge about a water theme and culture while being engaged and entertained.

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In-class Workshops

Ecoloodi has developed a series of educational and interactive workshops adapted to the curriculum at each elementary level (grade 1 to 6). We come to your class with in-class workshops facilitated in French or English.

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The goal of the Water Education Initiative in Benin is to empower children to become Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) leaders and give them a voice to tell their water stories. Find out how you can get involved!

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