How does Ecoloodi help in Benin?

May 10, 2016 – Mélaine Awassi, Benin Coordinator

Who am I?

I am very vulnerable
My development is essential
I have both rights and responsibilities.

Do you know who I am? If not, keep reading the clues and you’ll find out.

The first house I lived in, where I gradually developed, was in my mother’s womb. Magically, after a few months, I discovered a large world that opened up to me. A world in which my education is very important, requiring the help of parents, those around me, and especially the school environment. After learning how to sit up all by myself, first I crawled and then I walked on my own two feet.

Congratulations! You’ve certainly guessed who I am. Yes, I became a child who indeed needed an education for my development.

How are Ecoloodi’s tools used in Benin?

Like other developing countries in West Africa, Benin is facing environmental problems such as the disposal of household waste, wastewater management, hygiene and sanitation. Some measures are taken for good environmental stewardship, but they are insufficient.

Education is one of the most important ways to address these problems. In Benin, the best chance for short, medium and long term results is to educate children. Educating a child is like educating all the people surrounding that child, including their future descendants.


That’s why Ecoloodi, in its mission to raise awareness and educate children about water through games, videos, workshops and interactive shows, is working in Benin to help address these problems.

Environment Club

Ecoloodi is planning to conduct its activities in Benin by educating school children through the “Environment Club” project. The main objective is to develop in students the essential skills to help them adopt a responsible attitude in relation to the environment. We hope to turn these 8- to 11-year-old students into environmental messengers within their schools, their families, their neighbourhoods and villages. The Ecoloodi tools will be used by students in club activities, and by other children, to educate a lot of people.


Children love to learn while having fun, so this project will enable them to talk about environmental issues (water, air, soil, flora, fauna, waste, recycling, composting…), play the MEMO-LOODI game, read the H20 book, make field trips to understand the realities of the environment in Benin, educate their peers and parents, put on shows, correspond with schoolchildren in Canada and France, and to raise the awareness of students in other schools.


If you agree with Ecoloodi’s view of educating can help change their behaviour on important topics such as water management and the environment in general, then, help Ecoloodi with this project in Benin.

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