Ecoloodi’s first-ever book launch: H2O, The Story of a Little Drop

December 14th, 2015 – By Mingki Choi

Ecoloodi launched its lovely storybook, H2O, The Story of a Little Drop, at the Frenchie Expo, a Francophone community art and craft festival, on last Saturday December 12th. We had so much fun connecting with all the visitors.


H2O’s Incredible Journey

Among French and Francophone artists and entrepreneurs’ great crafts, Ecoloodi’s first educational book was shown at the Collège Français, Toronto. The book, published in two language for water education was displayed while playing the original animation video in French and English on a monitor.

Many curious kids at the expo visited Ecoloodi to have a look at H2O, the main character of the book. We hope that H2O took the kids along on her incredible journey from the skies to icy mountains, rivers and the Kingdom of Industrialization on the Earth and back as she does in the book.

Ecoloodi_Water Education_Bilingual_French book_H2O_Water Woman (10) (1)

Water Cycle Activities

We also offered to play our water-related memory game called MEMO-LOODI. There are three versions of the game: Canada, France and Benin. At the expo, children played it with the Ecoloodi team or their siblings or parents. They discovered how rivers, lakes, mountains, animals, sinks and toilets relate to water conservation topics while playing the game.

Ecoloodi_Water Education_Bilingual_French book_H2O_Water Woman (6)

The adorable kids came to understand the water cycle very quickly with Ecoloodi’s book, video and game activities. When we suggested drawing what they had learned about water, their imaginations amazed us. Their drawings expressed concepts from groundwater to the evaporation of water. We will receive more drawing and writing relating to the water cycle or the environment as part of our book launch contest online. The details will be announced soon via our homepage and social media.

Positive Feedback

We feel lucky to have had so many chances to talk about water education with children and parents. We appreciate their interest and compliments about our beautiful bilingual book and video. We also thank them for sharing our book and children’s drawings related to the water cycle through social media. We’re happy to have found that many parents are willing to learn about water issues and to educate their kids in turn.

By reaching out to kids and parents at the expo, Ecoloodi has been encouraged to continue to inspire kids to be more aware of water issues. We hope our activities turn them into water advocates.

Ecoloodi_Water Education_Bilingual_French book_H2O_Water Woman (2)

For more information about our lovely book, please do not hesitate to contact us at You can order the book through email for a minimum donation of $20, which will allow us to educate even more children about water.


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