Celebrating Bastille Day 2016

July 14, 2016 – from Mingki Choi & Mariana Versiani, Ecoloodi volunteers

On July 10, 2016, Ecoloodi celebrated Bastille Day with francophone communities at Wychwood Barns Park. La fête du 14 juillet is a public holiday in France to commemorate the taking of the Bastille during the French Revolution, on July 14th of 1789. The commemoration is usually infused with French culture celebrations, such as live music, dance, food and literature.

In Toronto, the Bastille Day counts with a festival organized by its French community, and coordinated by the Consulate General of France in Toronto. This year, there were close to 40 francophile-Torontonian exhibitors, participating in this festival, including Ecoloodi, to attract the 10,000 French people living in and around Toronto.

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Exciting Water-Related Games

With family or friends, many people discovered the MEMO-LOODI – a water-related memory game developed by Ecoloodi, that can be played with a twist in the rules. Whenever the players don’t match the flipped cards, we invite them to tell a story with its images. We loved listening to kids sharing their imagination and knowledge about aquatic ecosystems while playing MEMO-LOODI. We were also pleased to see them interacting with siblings and parents to come up with a story.

bastille day 2

Another game offered in our table was the one for which people were invited to guess how much water does one person consume in one day, in 3 different countries: Canada, France, and Benin. We were thrilled to see the interest for this game, specially amongst adults! Lots of people were eager to take the challenge, and were curious to know the answer!

Popular Bilingual H2O Book & Animation

H2O, The Story of a Little Drop, our illustrated and interactive book, designed to educate children about water, also received a great deal of attention from the participants of the event, who were curious to see its video.


Great Conversations on Water

Anyone who cares about water visited Ecoloodi’s table and had a chance to chat and exchange ideas with Ecoloodi’s volunteers, as well as with Dr. Ludiwine Clouzot, our Water Woman and founder of Ecoloodi. We talked about the difference in water consumption between countries, and discussed how water can be conserved in our daily lives.

Happy Bastille Day!

We appreciated having another opportunity to empower and engage with adults and children around water on such a beautiful and sunny day. Our big thanks to everyone we talked with, to Français du Monde, and to the Consulat général de France à Toronto. We were so grateful for celebrating Bastille Day with you!

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