Dave Ireland

webshotEcoloodi is an organisation that has entered the sector of water education and conservation, and Ludiwine, their lead, is an extraordinary woman. At the Biodiversity department of the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto) that I manage, we place water education at the highest priority.

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Maria Contreras

Mafe- Ecoloodi

Water has always been an important part of my life! I can close my eyes and still transport myself to my early swimming lessons in the ocean and feel at home…feel free! This personal connection with water and aquatic ecosystems was what brought me to Ecoloodi. I share Ecoloodi’s vision and love the fact that it gives different generations tools to find solutions for their own realities.

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Claude Sauveplane

P1080788Having worked for over twenty years in developing countries in the field of water resources management, I appreciate the crucial importance of water education for the wise management and protection of water resources. In many instances, these are key for the sustainable livelihoods of millions of rural poor. Thus, I totally support Ecoloodi’s slogan: “Water for all and forever”

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Vanessa Ho

VHo new picI was first drawn to water growing up in Ontario with its many lakes, and was drawn to further education and first-hand experience with water in a developing country context. I love the dual approaches that Ecoloodi is taking; educational community events to improve the water situation in Benin, and developing fun activities educating children about very different water situations in the world.

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Yves-Gérard Méhou-Loko

YvesEcoloodi promotes the education of children in order to preserve water resources in my home country of Benin. When I was a child, I paid little attention to environmental questions in Benin. Many images come to me regarding difficulty accessing water. Is it possible to educate people to change certain behaviours? There are many uncertainties, but also much hope in a project such as this.

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Peter Vanrolleghem

VanrolleghemPeterSapporo050606_300x300 Having worked with Ludiwine for a number of years in Water Research, I am not surprised to see the enthusiasm and devotion Ludiwine is showing in her own invention, Ecoloodi. The fact that she takes education on these important issues to the youngest in our society is so the way to go. As we say in my mother tongue (Dutch) ‘Jong geleerd is oud gedaan’: Something learned at an early age will be easy to do when one is old(er).

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Fayza Abdallaoui

fayzaMy engagement with Ecoloodi can be summed up in one word: Mother. Being a mother to a 5-year-old boy, I’m sensitive to the fact that in twenty years, access to water will likely be a source of great tension in the world. Changing our behaviour but also that of the next generation is not just important…it’s vital!

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John Harris


As an educator, I have witnessed the results of compassionate individuals working together to affect change. Ludiwine is compassionate, committed and determined to educate people about an issue that will be increasingly critical in the 21st century. I strongly support her efforts to educate youth about the importance of water and will assist where I can.

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Lisa Figuccio

LisaEcoloodi is a wonderful project that has relevance for everyone. Having grown up along the Mediterranean coast and studied business, I understand the issues and the importance of preserving water for ourselves and future generations. We all have a history with water and it is a valuable asset that must be protected.

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Alexis Allen


In Canada, we typically take water for granted, because we have so much of it. So we can forget how important clean water is to our health and well-being. The good news is that with Ecoloodi, we can educate ourselves about how we can conserve and manage our water use, as well as understand some of the challenges in other countries, where water is not as plentiful as it is here in Canada.

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Mariana Versiani

marianaVolunteering at Ecoloodi is not only about actively making change in our community, it about continually learning and building up consciousness. Seeing Ecoloodi’s work with children gives me hope. I do believe they are the ones who can build a habit of preserving water, and teach us adults how to do it.

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Claire Bigot

claireEmpowering children to become « Water Ambassadors »  is something that I share with Ecoloodi’s values and missions. Environmental awareness is very slowly infiltrating the corporate world, but this should take off when the new generation of conscious kids take the lead!

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Poppy Miers


Being a student at The Harris Institute, I got the chance to meet some amazing people. Ludiwine and her team at Ecoloodi were certainly some of the best. Ecoloodi’s goal to educate children about the importance of water is exactly what we should be doing all over the globe. Education is the key to changing how we treat our planet.

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Mingki Choi


I love how Ecoloodi approaches water education in an inspirational and engaging way. Participating in programming for these youth education initiatives brings together my passion for working with young, energetic people and fostering awareness about the environment, and water in particular.

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Estelle Codjovi


Happy mother of a toddler, I feel lucky to raise my child in a safe country with access to clean water. Having Beninese roots myself, I was immediately touched by Ecoloodi’s cause and work, as well as Ludiwine’s passion and incredible energy! Ecoloodi gives me the opportunity to meet the public (especially children!) and help them learn and have fun!

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