The idea to create Ecoloodi was born with the desire to educate young people on the importance of protecting water resources and aquatic ecosystems. Children are the decision-makers of tomorrow, and the younger we can empower them, the more we increase our chances of protecting our most precious resource, WATER, for the long term.

  • Mission: Ecoloodi is devoted to working with youth to preserve water resources and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Vision: Ecoloodi plays an essential part in the preservation of water resources and aquatic ecosystems, and will be recognized for its commitment to educating children.
  • Values: Education, Social Justice, Solidarity, Sharing, Environmental Health, Inclusive Culture.

Ludiwine Clouzot, PhD, Executive Director and Founder

ludiwine-et-matteoWater is the source of life and joy, but if we neglect it, it can become deadly. Ecoloodi is the realization of a dream, and an opportunity to support a cause I hold dear: Water for all and forever. Ecoloodi is also a chance to give children a voice, as I believe they have a crucial role to play. Children look at the world with open eyes and hearts. They marvel at things which we no longer notice. Their ideas are limited only by their imagination. What if we listened to them?

Water has always attracted and soothed me. With a PhD in Water Treatment, I learnt how to preserve this resource that is so precious to me. Since I became a new mom, I have been even more devoted to Ecoloodi. I can now share my dreams with my Water Boy and use Ecoloodi’s tools.

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Eric Plato, Financial Advisor

Eric Plato Photo 2I believe the work that Ecoloodi does is very important as water and related issues affect everyone. Throughout my travels in Africa, I have seen first-hand how access to clean water impacts people’s lives. We all need to be aware of the value of our water resources. While many Canadians don’t see this as an important issue, future generations are going to be impacted much more than many of us currently realize. We need to act now to inform and educate people about how our actions today impact what our future resources will look like.

A Chartered Professional Accountant, I started in the charitable sector in 1990 and have remained in the sector ever since. I currently run my own business supporting charities and non profits in the area of financial management. In addition to working in the sector, I served on non-profit boards, often as Treasurer, for a number of years. Between board and work experience, I have been involved with organizations with budgets ranging from under $100,000 dollars to over $100,000,000 dollars and in sectors including, social services, international development, health, environmental, cultural/heritage and employment.

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Monique Pétry, Educational Advisor


Water is life! It is the most precious gift on earth. We must pass this treasure on to future generations the way we have received it, in its entirety. I’m sad to see women with children spending much of their day fetching water that is often unsafe to drink. I support and engage with Ecoloodi as a retired teacher, and as the mother of its founder. She will succeed in the struggle for water, I’m sure!


For 38 years, I taught children from 4 to 11 years old, in primary school, kindergarten, and in a class with students of all ages. For two years I was the coordinator of the Priority Education Network (REP) in the south of the Seine and Marne in France. My final career position was as an advisor and learning support specialist in a priority education area.

Joseph Wilson, Strategic Advisor

Joe at podium2Through working with youth as a high school science teacher, and teaching at the Ontario Science Centre, STEM education has always been a core priority for me. My degree in Astronomy lead to research collaborations with amateur astronomers. I saw the power of “citizen science,” getting average citizens involved in the scientific process. It’s a fun and empowering way to increase the scientific literacy of the general public. Ecology, biology and water issues are a great way to get the public interested in science.

I am the Director of Business Development for Spongelab Interactive, an education technology company that solves problems for K-2 Districts and education not-for-profits. I have written on issues of technology and culture for NOW Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Spacing and Yonge Street. I have edited two books and written many academic papers in astronomy, education, entrepreneurship and innovation strategies.

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Natalia Perez-Wahlberg, Graphic Designer


As a designer, I have always felt a responsibility towards social and environmental causes. Ecoloodi tackles both of those things, by working with children (social), and by working to protect and give water on this Planet a fighting chance (environmental). It’s a fantastic organization with ideals that I share. So, whether I work on Ecoloodi’s marketing or its campaign, I’m happy to be part of the change.


I am a creative who mixes ideas, typography, images and client needs to bring brands to life. With a BFA from Concordia University in Quebec and a Masters in Multimedia, I have been designing print and digital content since the early days of mobile. Highly creative, forward-thinking and with an uncanny intuition, I deliver rich visuals and beautiful designs that get results every time. My sense of design and usability helps me come up with great ideas for my clients. Ideas that, once executed, are compelling and strong.

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Laetitia Clouzot, Video Designer


Ecoloodi is first and foremost about two things that are important to me: family, and protecting the environment. When Ludiwine first spoke to me about her organization, as a sister and an activist for protecting our environment, I couldn’t help but get involved with Ecoloodi. Water is an essential part of our lives that we must not neglect. Fighting for a better future and a better use of water fits me.


Holding a bachelor’s degree from UQAM in recreation and cultural research, I’m happy to contribute my experience in communications to help develop Ecoloodi. In the past, I’ve managed numerous arts, community, and sports related events, to name a few. My key role at Ecoloodi is to promote the organization’s mission with creative tools.

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Mélaine Awassi, Benin Coordinator


After earning a degree in Environmental Management and Planning, I was selected by a Beninese NGO to participate in a three-month program called “Youth Leaders in Action” sponsored by Canada World Youth. Having realized the large differences between a developed country like Canada and a developing country like Benin, I felt the desire to be useful to my home country, and realize my dream of helping Benin develop environmentally.


When I first met Ludiwine, she expressed her wish to share her expertise with my country Benin to promote action on water. I immediately seized the chance to make my dream a reality and decided to collaborate with Ecoloodi for a prosperous Benin. Water is an integral part of our environment and a vital element for humans. We must therefore work to protect it for our health, the health of other living things on Earth, and for future generations.

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